What we do

In the last couple of years the number of horses bought from abroad through the internet has increased greatly. The buyer usually relies solely on films and show results as to whether to buy; the horse itself is never actually seen. Due to the present Covid-19 situation that has rendered travel uncertain this is ever more the case. But really, there is no better substitute than viewing a horse in the flesh, and that’s why more and more buyers are employing someone to look a horse over for them, and to give them honest and independent advice.

‘Horse Trade Help’ is an organisation that offers this service. As one of its representatives Fred jr. can be your eyes on location. The buyer finds a horse they’re interested in – either via an advertisement, a dealer or auction – and Fred will assess if the horse ticks all the boxes. 


How does it work?

Fred gets in contact to discuss the various requirements in depth. This initial intake conversation takes place by video call, and there are no strings attached. During the intake  it’s important to clarify what the intended use of the horse or foal is; does it need to be a future Grand Prix horse, or a 1.10 horse for a youth rider almost ready to exchange the ponies for the horses? Other aspects such as budget will be talked over, as will the relative importance of health, talent and disposition.



After the intake conversation of a more mature horse it’s possible for Fred to check the relevant Federation results. If the buyer is still interested an appointment to view the horse, and for Fred to ride the horse if desired, is made.  The assessment can be carried out either where the horse is stabled or at a different location to see how the horse behaves in unfamiliar surroundings. All relevant information is filmed in order for the prospective buyer to get a good understanding of the horse. 



The long-distance purchase of a foal is exciting. Is the positioning of the legs good? Is it big enough? All these questions and more need answering! Fred checks the foal completely, and will let it move and jump if required. Again, everything is filmed so that the buyer can view the horse from the comfort of their own living room. 


Last but not least

All in all Fred is eager to share his proven expertise with you to ensure that your long-distance horse purchase is a success. His assessment and advice is always independent, and everything is done in consultation. Apart from assisting with the purchase, we can also arrange the vetting, the transportation and training. We’d be delighted to discuss the range of possibilities with you.